• Meet the Teacher


    Hello! My name is Deanna Civilette and this is my second year teaching at Portville. I am a graduate from State University of NY at Fredonia with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education - Choral Concentration. As I continue my passion for teaching, I am also continuing my passion for performing. During the weekends and summers, I travel and play shows as a solo artist (Deanna Quinn). I've played shows in Buffalo, Queens, Philadelphia, Rochester, Dunkirk, and Fredonia. My college indie-rock band, New Masons, opened up for Hellogoodbye and X Ambassadors at SUNY Fredonia campus. 

    What do I teach at Portville??
    5th and 7th Grade General Music, Elementary, Junior High and
    High School Chorus, High School chorus lessons and Solo Festival lessons.
    Food..........Chicken Fingers
    Movies.......She's The Man and Hocus Pocus
    TV Show.....Parks and Recreation and The Office
    Book...........The Magic Strings of Frankie Presto by Mitch Albom
    Hobbie.......Scrapbooking, playing solo gigs, petting my dogs.  
    Animal.......German Sheperd
    Fun facts....I was named after Star Trek: The Next Generation (Deanna Troy and Q)...If I laugh too hard,
    start to cry...To write and produce a musical is at the top of my bucket list... I am allergic to cats. 

    Why Do I Teach and Continue to Love Music? 

    Because it brings people together. You don't need to think too hard or be at a specific place, you just enjoy what is in front of you. Click the following videos to see what I mean.. 


    Questions, Thoughts, Concerns? 

    Email me at dcivilette@portvillecsd.org or reach me at (716) 933-6000 ext. 1136 


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