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UPDATED for 2017: Ecology Camp Search! Mr. Piatt needs your help!

Mr. Piatt is trying to put together a chronological history of Portville's long running ecology camp. This includes many of the people involved over the years.
One important feature is a list of all alumni who were senior counselors at camp.
The following years' counselors are incomplete or missing: 1971, 1974, 1976, 1977, 1979, 1981, and 2002. Please refer to the updated The History of Ecology Camp document.
If you were a counselor for one of these years, or can remember who was, please contact Mr. Piatt at
 Bink's Farm
The Many Locations of the 
PCS Ecology Camp
 Wolf Creek
Bink's Farm (The first Ecology camp! '69-'70)  Wolf Creek Scout Camp
 Camp Rushford Camp Rushford  Camp Rushford
 Camp Rushford Camp Rushford Camp Rushford
 Elk Lick  Elk Lick  Elk Lick
 Elk Lick Elk Lick Elk Lick
 Camp Southhaven aka Crystal Lake  Crystal Lake  Crystal Lake
 Camp Southhaven aka Crystal Lake Crystal Lake Crystal Lake
 Crystal Lake  Camp Timbercrest  Camp Timbercrest
 Crystal Lake Camp Timbercrest Camp Timbercrest
 Camp Timbercrest  Chautauqua Lake  Chautauqua Lake
Camp Timbercrest  Chautauqua Lake Chautauqua Lake
  Chautauqua Lake  
  Chautauqua Lake